The NY Yankees Playoff Chances

The loss against the Dodgers Wednesday night really put the New York Yankees in a precarious position and the bottom line is, they shouldn’t have let it slip. With only 17 games left and two games out in the hotly contested wildcard race, they just can’t afford to lose winnable games like they did not only on Wednesday but this past weekend at Tampa too. Following the loss, Baltimore, Seattle, Detroit, and Toronto are all back and the picture, meaning there is little room for error.

The Yankees now head on their final 11-game road trip of the season, which starts in Boston on Thursday night (15/09/2016) and sees them make stops at Fenway, Tampa, and Toronto. On Wednesday against the Dodgers, the Yanks pitchers were up for the task against ace Clayton Kershaw. At first, New York favorite Michael Pineda alongside three relievers held their own by keeping the Dodgers scoreless for their first eight innings. However, it all came crumbling in the ninth when the defense made mistakes that often keep teams off the playoffs.
Popular second baseman Starlin Castro for instance, came up short with a backhand on a playable shot from Dodger Corey Seager. After shifting to third, another Dodger Justin Turner would go to score when Dellin Betances awkwardly threw home on a comebacker. Even though the Yankees manager Joe Girardi after the game said Betances’ large 6-foot-8 frame does make it difficult sometimes for him to make such plays, it proved to be somewhat irrelevant for the eager fans as the Yankees just couldn’t score.

Chances of Making the Playoffs:

It is games like this that could come back to haunt Girardi this offseason – games they should have easily won, but they didn’t. The same reason why Yankee fans and players alike could potentially be watching from the outside come October; if the streak continues. All hope is not lost, though, and mathematically, New York is still alive in the division. To win, the Yankees would require a historic finish which means going 5-2 against the Red Sox in their seven series matchup – no mean feat to achieve, but possible. There are a few promotions running that you can take advantage of, with several betting sites offers available for new customers wanting to back the Yankees.. The Yankees also have to try and get the final three games against the Baltimore Orioles to stand a chance of making the playoffs.

Better Times Ahead?

At only two games out, the playoff dream seems so close, yet so far if the losses like the one against the Dodgers are anything to go by. Fortunately, fans can look forward to better times with the news that former Oakland Athletics and free agent baseman – Billy Butler – is coming to town. The 30-year old Butler and New York Yankees have reached an agreement according to multiple sources, and hence promising to add experience thanks to a notable 10-year stint in the league. Before becoming a free agent, the baseman was hitting .276 with 31 RBI’s and four homers to go along with it in 85 games. While he was playing in a reduced role in his second season with the A’s, Butler is an above average player who could work some of his magic in New York.


How Technology Has Completely Changed The Gaming & Casino World

The concept of a mobile casino would have sounded positively futuristic to many people as recently as a decade ago, even though online casino gaming had been firmly established by 2006. Being able to play casino games anywhere where there is a WiFi connection really is something that people should not take for granted. It’s an opportunity that only came about through a great deal of dedicated technological advancement and creativity on the part of a lot of talented developers.

Many of the people involved with developing smartphone technology the way it is today really did not imagine that smartphone technology will develop in a way that would change so many paradigms. They were still imagining that they were creating a more advanced version of a 2000’s era phone, with its simple games and its few additional applications. However, the expansion of app technology allowed people to do more things with it, even if apps started out as slightly more advanced versions of the little calculators that people had back in the day with their old flip phones. Once people could get the Internet through their phones, of course, all bets were off, especially when it came to online casinos.

Smartphones needed more memory and more of a capacity for the technical demands of mobile online casino gaming apps in order to give people the opportunities that they have today, which is why people really did not have the opportunity for mobile gaming at the very dawn of the smartphone era. However, smartphone technology is distinguished by the fact that it has managed to develop so quickly. Ultimately, the speed of technological progress has managed to help the mobile casino and mobile gaming more than anything else. The fact that technology just keeps on developing faster and faster is giving people the opportunity to truly explore new frontiers in a way that would never have been possible previously.

People had online casino websites before they had mobile gaming apps, and it would not have been possible to have one without the other. Today, people are able to play a wide range of different no deposit casino apps on a device that would never have been able to handle the games previously. Roulette, blackjack, craps, slot games, keno, baccarat, scratch games, and bingo games are all available on mobile casinos today.

These games are intense when it comes to the graphics and the bandwidth that they use. However, they still pale in comparison to the graphics that people will be able to get with the live casinos and the video poker options available on a great deal of online casinos today. People can really feel as if they are visiting physical casinos when they use those options. People immediately broaden their list of fellow poker players as a result, and they are able to enjoy a wider range of different activities from any location. Developers were able to see this coming in some cases. In other cases, they just created the individual steps that managed to lead here.

Smartphone casino apps

Improvement In SmartPhones Allows For Better iGaming & Mobile Casino Apps

The improvements in smartphone technology have made all the difference in the world when it comes to the success of online mobile casinos. People can now easily download all of the gaming apps that they need in order to play at almost any online casino in the world. It is now required for online gaming casinos to offer a mobile site or app, otherwise they’ll get swallowed by the competition. The online casinos that do not have mobile presences are going to lose the competition in the long run and the short-term.

The graphics of smartphone technology have really managed to make a huge difference when it comes to the quality of the casino games that people have played over the years. It used to be that the graphics of casino games were of such low quality that it would adversely affect the experience of the player. This is no longer the case. Each and every one of the mobile casino slot games and table games that people can play online through most of the major online casino software developers offer people graphics with crystal clear precision. People have always wanted great graphics, and the fact that people did not get to enjoy them before was entirely a product of technological limitations.

The newer smartphone models have also managed to make all the difference when it comes to the quality of the casino games that people can play. Some UK Online Casinos actually have mobile casinos that people can play on their Blackberry devices. However, Blackberry devices often do not have the ideal interfaces for this kind of gameplay. They also don’t usually have the screen resolution that people will need in order to really enjoy the games properly. A mobile casino is best appreciated on a newer smartphone device like the latest versions of Android. Device compatibility is important, but most Android users with something reasonably modern should be fine.

The new frontier in online casino gaming, especially mobile casino gaming, is augmented reality. People have accepted smartphone technology today as being standard in the industry. Augmented reality is going to impress so many people at this point, allowing them to simulate online casinos in a way that people never could have imagined as recently as a decade ago.

People are not necessarily going to need new devices for this stage of the online casino augmented reality. People should be able to still use their smartphones to project the games and the graphics onto their surroundings, feeling as if they are interacting with them in a whole new way. However, augmented reality is getting more extensive in the online casino gaming world every day. Virtual reality visors that will cover people’s entire field of vision are on the horizon, and people are going to feel as if the virtual casinos are that much more realistic as a result. The preliminary advances in smartphone technology needed to happen first, and this is the new step.


The Mets Are Out-Numbered At Least 2 to 1

The New York Mets is the second baseball team within the city of New York. This MLB franchise has been in existence since 1962. The Mets is a team with a strong fan base but they struggle for team support when compared to the New York Yankees which is the first MLB team within the New York City area.
The Mets colors are blue and orange and they have won two world series titles since they have been playing within the league. The Mets might not be the dominate baseball club that their fans wish for. However, they still remain a competitive franchise that helps to make the game of baseball fun, entertaining and competitive for the people of the Big Apple.

The Great New York Rivalry

When you have two sports franchises that play within the same league sooner or later these two teams are going to clash. The Mets and the Yankees have been playing against each other since 1997. Since that time, the Yankees and Mets have competed a total of 19 times. The Yankees won 9 of those games and the Mets won 3. Both teams tied each other for the remaining 7 games.
Both teams competed against each other in the World Series back in 2000 and it was a great game that many New York fans and spectators will never forget. This season is considered one of the best in the ongoing rivalry between the clubs. When two baseball teams compete within NY City it is known as the Subway Series.

Mets Fans Still Remain Strong

Let’s face it, when it comes to baseball within the city of New York most people are loyal Yankee fans. As a matter of fact, the Mets are out-numbered at least 2 to 1 in comparison. This does not stop the loyal Mets supporter, it just gives them more courage and inspiration to root for their team.
Mets fans are often looked down upon by Yankee loyalists. The Mets have played some good baseball in the 2015 season and made it to the World Series. Though they lost to the Kansas City Royals they still did something that Yankee fans could not do that year; they competed in the World Series game.
This was one of those rare times when Mets fans could stand up with their heads held high, with a smug look on their face. After all, they ended the 2015 season on a better note than Yankee fans.

The Mets in New York

The New York Mets does a lot for the city of New York. In terms of charity and support. This organization helps local veterans, handicapped people and they make it a point to help kids. They have programs that feed underprivileged youths and they help them with their education. The Mets even sponsor baseball camps for children. They help boys and girls to develop their skill san their love for the game. The Mets also helps out with cancer research through their fundraising and charitable efforts.

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Mascot Mr. Met

Mr. Met is the name of the New York Mets Mascot. He is a mascot with a baseball head and he wears a Mets uniform. Mr. Met is incredibly tall at 6’ 10”. He started to make appearance on April 17, 1964 and he has a habit of throwing cracker jack boxes, t-shirts and great parties for Mets fans.
Mr. Met is an iconic figure for real Mets fans. They enjoy hanging out with this mascot and seeing him in action at games. He loves to interact with the crowd and bring his fun energy and enthusiasm for the sport of baseball. Mr. Met is such a great figure that the team even allows him to be hired out for special guest appearances at parties, festivals and local events.
The Best Mets Players in the History of the Franchise
Over the years the Mets had some really great players on their team. This list of players includes Marv Thornberry, Al Jackson, Billy Wagner, Ray Knight, John Milner, Rick Reed, Bob Ojeda, Lee Mazilli, Armondo Benitez, Wally Backman, Johan Santana, John Orelud, Rusty Staub, Sid Fernandez, Jessie Orosco, Bud Harrelson, Tug McGraw, David Cone, Cleon Jones, Mookie Wilson, Al Lieter, Elgardo Alfonso, Carlos Beltran, Gary Carter, Jose Reyes, Jerry Koosman, David Wright, Mike Piazza, Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden and Tom Seaver. All of these players have helped the Mets to shine as a team and to become one of the most competitive teams in the league.

Mets Fans are Down to Earth People

Mets fans like to party and have fun when compared to the Yankees. The Mets like to get together with their pals and drink a couple of cold ones while grilling hot dogs and burgers. They are loud when they go to Citi Field. When they are at a game they know how to have fun without going overboard.
The Mets fans are the everyday people you see in New York. They are the blue collar workers, the family man who has to support his loved ones, the lady that babysits the kids and watches over the neighbors and they are the people that get up off of their buts to make something happen. Mets fans are the type of people that work hard to get what they need and their identity if reflected through their team.
The Mets organization knows what type of values that their fan base has. They want to reflect those values through their organization. The Mets team makes it a point to let their followers know that they appreciate their support and that they are glad to have them around.

The Mets in the Information Age

The New York Mets have been online for many years. Not only does this organization have a website they also are deeply connected to social media. They have over 500,000 followers on Twitter and just as many (if not more) on Facebook.
Social media sites help the team to stay directly in touch with fans and it also helps the fans to know about the latest news and developments related to their favorite MLB franchise. Mets even have highlights from their games posted on YouTube and they also have player interviews and other videos related to their organization. Mets fans know that their team is a really great franchise. If they are good enough to make it to the World Series in 2015 you can bet your bottom dollar they will probably be back again in 2016. The Mets future is looking bright.


The Enduring Popularity of the New York Yankees

Few sports teams have ever achieved the fame of the New York Yankees. One of the true tests of fame is whether or not a given organization is known outside of the target audience or the fandom. This is certainly the case with the New York Yankees. They have more of a presence in popular culture than almost all other Major League Baseball (MLB) teams combined. Many of the most famous MLB players in history have played for the New York Yankees. While other teams have managed to rise to the challenge of defeating the New York Yankees in recent years, this is still a team that is going to stand the test of time. In many ways, the New York Yankees already have.

History of the New York Yankees

The New York Yankees team was established in 1901, making the team one of the oldest among all sports teams in the United States. At the time, the New York Yankees was affiliated with the American League, and it was not a New York sports club at all. The team originally played as the Baltimore Orioles, in fact, which should amuse the modern fans of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team.

The franchise moved to New York after it was purchased by Bill Devery and Frank Farrell. They started calling the team the New York Highlanders. The New York Yankees team was not called the ‘New York Yankees’ until 1913.

The New York Yankees has a number of established MLB records, which is one of many reasons why this is a team that’s still so revered. They have won an astonishing twenty-seven World Series Championships, eighteen division titles, and forty American League pennants. The New York Yankees doesn’t actually need to win the World Series each and every time in order to remain on top when they’ve already managed to establish themselves in the world of sports to such a powerful extent.

The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox

When people so much as utter the name the ‘New York Yankees,’ some people in Boston are automatically going to start ranting. The Boston Red Sox has had a complicated history in general, but their history with the New York Yankees is particularly contentious. Few rivalries in the world of American sports in general and MLB in particular have inspired as much debate, discussion, and angst. People in the Northeast, who tend to support the Red Sox, often know that they shouldn’t even bring up the topic at dinner parties.

The rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees is so pronounced that a lot of people might not even know how it began or where it began. People outside of the Northeast may not know a lot of the specifics, and some of them might find the situation amusing. It almost seems like a background fact of the universe for a lot of other people. While some people will disagree on the origins of the feud, it seems to trace itself to 1919.

At the time, the Red Sox team owner was Harry Frazee. Babe Ruth was actually the star player for the Red Sox team from 1914-1919. From 1901 to 1918, the Boston Red Sox was one of the most decorated and prosperous teams in all of American baseball. Even many people today who know about Babe Ruth, who is a household name across the world, are unaware of the fact that he was one of the players who initially made the Red Sox great. Harry Frazee sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees in 1919.

People have half-jokingly said that this transaction triggered the Curse of the Bambino. The Red Sox did not win at the World Series for eighty-six years after Babe Ruth was sold to the New York Yankees. Many people believe that the Boston Red Sox would have been as successful as the New York Yankees if the infamous trade had never occurred. No one has any way of knowing whether this would have been the case, of course, particularly in view of some of the cultural differences between New York City and the rest of the country. However, it’s a persistent belief among Red Sox fans.

The Red Sox managed to break the proverbial curse in 2004. The Boston Red Sox have been particularly successful since this point in time. Some people are expecting that the Red Sox may finally manage to dethrone the New York Yankees altogether. However, the New York Yankees still have lots of advantages when it comes to the force of traditionalism and nostalgia, which are hugely important in the world of sports in particular. Only time will tell when it comes to the future of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees rivalry.

New York Yankees and Economics

While the New York Yankees is still a very popular team, except perhaps with many people from the Northeast, almost anything that is popular is going to paradoxically attract a lot of detractors. Some people are resentful of the fact that the New York Yankees has the financial backing possible to attract some of the best talent from all over the world, which helps keep them on top or at least in the lead.

Some people are just frustrated by the perceived overexposure of the New York Yankees, which is going to be a problem with anything that is popular. People have a tendency to root for the underdog in the sports world, which is going to make it hard for some people on the outside to root for the New York Yankees. The New York Yankees also has to contend with the baggage associated with New York City in general, which is its own geographically distinct area in many ways. People have mixed feelings about New York City in many ways, which is going to have an effect on how they see the New York Yankees.

Still, the New York Yankees is treated as synonymous with Major League Baseball in many people’s minds. This is an association that may last a long time.


Living in a Shadow with the New York Mets

The New York Mets have had the dubious honor of being known as ‘the other baseball team from New York’ for a long time. In some cases, they don’t even get that far. The rivalry between the New York Mets and the New York Yankees might even be more fierce than the rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Of course, the Boston Red Sox has had a tremendous resurgence in success and popularity recently, while the New York Mets literally has not had a World Series victory in thirty years. New Yorkers remain sharply divided over their support for either of these New York teams.

The Underdog Team

It should be noted that the New York Mets team has managed to bring home some World Series championships. They won a World Series championship in 1986 and another in 1969. Sadly, this means that the new generation of sports fans isn’t going to remember any of their World Series victories. The older fans who are clinging to these now-historic victories are starting to seem tragic themselves, particularly when people consider just how quickly the world of sports tends to change. The bookies – such as bet365 –  nearly always favor the Yankees, with the spread being constantly odds on (under evens or 2.0 decimal odds). If you’re looking to learn how to use bet365 and how their bonus code works, read this guide to bet365 and the £200 deposit bonus. They’ve got screenshots of exactly what you need to do to claim the bonus and where to enter the code, how to cash out the bonus and how the whole site works.

Ultimately, the success of the New York Yankees and the relative lack of success for the New York Mets tends to come down to economics. The New York Yankees gets the lion’s share of the financial resources. They’re able to purchase the services of the most successful players. Sadly, this situation can easily create something of a positive feedback loop.

As the New York Yankees win more and more championships, they’re going to get more support and more financial resources, and they’re going to continue to win more and more often as they attract the best players. They’re also going to be associated with the best players, which is just going to create more public support for them. The sports world tends to be very harsh on the people who don’t win the absolute championships, even if they have other victories to their names.

Support for the New York Mets

The demographics of sports fans have always been intriguing. In most cases, the most important factor related to which team a given person is going to support will be geography. While the New York Mets and the New York Yankees are both New York teams, geography is still a factor here for reasons that people familiar with New York will understand. New York itself is its own little world, and a person’s exact living place in New York really will make all the difference.

The majority of New York Mets fans either live in the tri-state area outside of New York City itself, or they live in any of the five boroughs in New York City itself. Only twelve percent of New York Mets fans, according to some studies, live outside of those areas. Queens tends to be associated with the New York Mets strongly, and unsurprisingly, a lot of New York Mets fans live there. Many other New York Mets fans will live in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Suffolk, or Nassau.

Some people tend to say that an appreciation for the New York Mets or the New York Yankees is largely a matter of class, with upper class people supporting the New York Yankees and lower class people supporting the New York Mets. However, this is a somewhat simplistic distinction, especially when people consider the huge distribution of class levels that exists all over New York City. There are some class trends when it comes to the New York baseball fandoms: New York Mets fans have a strong tendency to be middle class, whereas New York Yankees fans often occupy the extremes of the class brackets. Still, New York Yankees fans are so numerous that many of these trends are only going to be subtle.

It is true that people who live in Manhattan tend to favor the New York Yankees over the New York Mets. However, the New York Yankees are also favored in the states of New Jersey, Connecticut, and the upstate New York area. These areas are so broad and have so many different class levels that it seems inaccurate to say that only upper class people support the New York Yankees. The upper Hudson Valley, the Bronx, Rockland, and Westchester also have a tendency to favor the New York Yankees, which demonstrates the tremendous diversity of New York Yankees fans. It also demonstrates what a huge geographical advantage the New York Yankees have when it comes to their fans, since their fans have such a broad distribution.

The Future of the New York Mets

It should be noted that the New York Mets are still a fairly young team in that they only date back to 1962. It should also be noted that the world of baseball in the United States has gone through a lot of major transitions over the years. The Boston Red Sox made a tremendous comeback in 2004, and they have been one of the most successful baseball teams ever since. They’ve actually been defeating the New York Yankees, which hasn’t really been doing as well since the late 1990’s.

The year 2016 has brought even more surprises. The Chicago Cubs is one of the few baseball teams that has managed to make the New York Mets look good. They won the World Series twice in 1907 and 1908 and haven’t won anything since. For the 2016 season, however, they have been doing very well. Since this is a team that has not won the World Series in the lifetime of anyone at the games, if they manage to win now, it’s going to prove to baseball fans that anything is possible.

The New York Mets may manage to enjoy a similarly triumphant comeback story. They’ve been more successful than the Chicago Cubs. The Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets are united in their rivalry with the New York Yankees, and the Boston Red Sox has managed to shift the power balance. The New York Mets may manage to do the same thing.


The 411 on the New York Yankees

It is not a secret that the New York Yankees have been one of the most popular and beloved baseball teams of all times. There is just something about sitting in their home stadium, eating a warm hot dog, that makes one feel 100% American.
Contrary to popular belief, the New York Yankees were not well established when they first enter the scene. Just like everything else in this life, they had a rough start, but they soon found glory, as they won the World Series in 1923, then 1927, 1928, 1932, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1943, 1947, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1956, 1958, 1961, 1962, 1977, 1978, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2009! That is a lot of winning if you ask us!

Babe Ruth Comes in and World Series Titles Proceed!

The New York Yankees began in 1901 playing with the Baltimore Orioles name. Two years later, they moved to New York and received the name Highlanders. They were well known for being at the stadium that was in one of the highest points in Manhattan. In 1913, they officially became the New York Yankees and moved to the Polo Grounds. The great achievements came to them the following decade. Prior to the 1920 season, the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees, which started the Curse of the Bambino.

Huggings Miller took the helm in 1918 and was as manager of the Manhattan Mules until 1929. In 1921, reaching a record of 98-55, they reached their first World Series. They faced the Giants. All games were at the Polo Grounds. The Yankees won the first two 3-0 shutouts Carl Mays and Waite Hoyt, but the Giants won five of the next six to take the series. The confrontation was repeated a year later in the Fall Classic, but the Giants swept and won with a sensational pitching.
Yankee Stadium opened in 1923. For the third time, Yankees and Giants met in the World Series. This time the ending was different. The Yankees won it in six games. Babe Ruth hit three home runs. Others of this team were Wally Pipp, Bob Meusel, and Whitey Whitt.

The Yankees returned to the World Series in 1926, but they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games. Babe Ruth hit three home runs in the fourth of the series, but it was not enough. In 1927, the Bronx won 110 games. Pittsburgh Pirates were found in the World Series and swept. The last game ended with a wild pitch with bases loaded launched by Johnny Miljus. This was the second championship.

Babe Ruth Leaves

In 1932, the Yankees returned to the World Series. The Chicago Cubs swept New York. It was very memorable, as it was the last World Series Babe Ruth was going to be in. It is recalled, in the third game of that series that Ruth gestured toward the center of Wrigley Field “On the next pitch hit a home run right there.”

Nothing Holds the New York Yankees Down

The next Fall Classic arrived in 1936. The New York Yankees passed in six games over the Giants. In the following season, again it was against the Giants, this time in five games. In 1938, they swept the Cubs and the Reds. At that time the Yankees had 8 World Series titles under their belts.

Championships harvest continued in 1941, passing over the Brooklyn Dodgers in five games. The following year, they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals four games to one. Revenge was immediate, also in 5 games, the Yankees defeated the Cardinals in 1943. Spud Chandler won two duels.

Bucky Harris directed only two years, but won a championship. In 1947, he defeated the Dodgers in seven games. Casey Stengel era began in 1949 with the tenth second World Series title in five games by defeating the Brooklyn Dodgers. The streak continued. The Bronx Bombers won five consecutive titles (1949-1953). In 1950, they swept the Phillies. In 1951, they defeated the Giants in six games.

16 World Series Titles

In 1952, they went to the full with the Dodgers and 53 ‘was in six games. Mickey Mantle produced 7 runs and Billy Martin in August. They had already 16 World Series titles.
It was on October 8, 1956 in a 2-0 victory for the Yankees at Yankee Stadium and the Bronx to be ahead in the series. In the end, everything was defined in 7 matches with a shutout Johnny Kucks. In this season, Mickey Mantle won the MVP.
They played the World Series in 1957, but fell the most against the Milwaukee Braves. The Braves pitcher Lew Burdette threw three times the entire route, including two shutouts. The following year, the Yankees retaliated. New York rose from being down 1-3 in the series. The MVP was Bob Turley.

New York Yankees Didn’t Have a Problem with Holding Back, from Time to Time

The so used to winning a pennant every year, Yankees had a good time without playing the World Series, in some of the years that followed. In fact, in 1966 they were last in the American League. George Steinbreinner bought the Yankees in 1973. The next Fall Classic was played until 1976 and lost by a sweep of Cincinnati. That was the first year that Billy Martin was in command of the New York Yankees. In 1977, they took over the Dodgers in the World Series. Reggie Jackson hit three home runs in the last game equaling what Babe Ruth did in 1926 and 1928. In 1978, again the Bronx applied it to LA. The Dodgers won the first two, but the Yankees four straight.

New York Yankee’s Modern Time History

In 1980, New York lost the ALCS against Kansas City. In 1981, they fell in the World Series against the Dodgers in six games. There were constant changes of manager in those years without achieving the desired success. The team was led by Don Mattingly. Another highlight of this team was Rickey Henderson, spending five seasons in the Bronx. Dave Winfield spent eight seasons with the Yankees, but the success was very little. After losing the 1981 World Series, they returned to postseason play until 1995. In 1996, they were able to garner another title under their belt. In 1998, 1999, and 2000 they were lucky enough to get it again.
Until 2007, the Yankees always made the playoffs, but they stayed on the road. In 2003, they lost the World Series in six games against the Marlins. In 2008, not even the playoffs came. It was the first year of Joe Girardi command and the final year of Yankee Stadium to move to a new stadium with the same name.

In 2009, in the new park, the Yankees won their 27th World Series title by beating the Philadelphia Phillies in six games. Hideki Matsui was the MVP. Alex Rodriguez had a great postseason.
New York Yankees: An American Culture Icon.

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There are numerous of New York Yankee fans out there, waiting for their team to win again. It has been 7 years since they last won a title, but it does not seem that they are giving up. They are working hard to keep achieving more for their team that already is an icon in American culture.

Stadium NY Yankees

The 101 On The New York Yankees

Whether you are a Yankee’s fan or a Mets supporter, New York baseball is fun, exciting and entertaining to watch. While both teams are important to the game of baseball, this article will focus primarily on the Yankees what they bring to the game. The New York Yankees were one of the first baseball teams in the nation. This organization has been around for over 100 years. They were established in 1913 and has appeared in over 40 world series. As a matter of fact, the Yankee’s are the number one overall team in terms of World Series Championships. They have a record of 27 wins and 13 loses out of those 40 appearances.
The New York Yankees are a dynasty and the players that have appeared on this team throughout the years are (or were) among the best in the history of this game. Names such as Ricky Henderson, Joe Gordon, Bobby Murcer, Greg Nettles, Goose Gosage, Allie Reynolds, Earle Combs, Jorge Pasada, Andy Pettitte, Reggie Jackson, Alex “A Rod” Rodriguez, Whitey Ford, Derek Jeter, the legendary Yogi Berra, the great Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig and quite arguably the greatest player in the history of the game – Babe Ruth. All of these outstanding players have made a name for themselves playing for the Yankees throughout the history of the franchise.
The Yankees are one of three baseball teams that does not have a mascot. The team never used a mascot throughout its long history. However, they had a mascot named Dandy between 1979 and 1981. Dandy was a bird who was based on the classic American folk song known as “Yankee Doodle Dandy”. He wore a pinstripe Yankee uniform and Yankee’s hat.
He also had a mustache that made him look like a former player named Thurman Munson. He used to be a catcher for the Yankee’s during that era. Dandy was never well received by the Yankee’s management at the time. So, when his lease expired in 1981 it was never renewed. Unfortunately, some people believed (and still do believe) that mascots have no place in the game of baseball.
Yankee fans are among the best in the business. These fans are die hard and loyal to this organization. It is easy for Yankee fans to get excited about their team because they are winners. That’s right the Yankee fans know that their team is going to finish well each and every season.
The Yankees made it the wildcard rounds of the playoffs in 2015 and they ended their season at 87 – 75. Fans appreciate the Yankees because they give them what they want in terms of championships and exceptional pay.
New York Yankee hats and merchandise are not just worn by loyal Yankee supporters within the Big Apple. People who live in other states support the Yankee’s as well. They are also supported outside of the U.S. The Yankee’s are supported in Cuba, Mexico, Canada and even in some parts of Japan.
One of things that make the Yankee’s such a successful team is the strong and talented players that they recruit. The Yankee’s recruit a wide variety of players from all over the U.S. who are at the top of their game. This organization knows how to select the best players because it has been recruiting top notch talent for years.
The Yankee’s also give back to their community. They make it a point to help people who are in need and to help children with some of the issues that they face. Their charitable contributions are well appreciated by many people within the greater New York area and this team really does make it a point to get out and interact with their supporters.
When people go to Yankee stadium they’re going to an entertaining event and not just a game. Yankee stadium is loaded with lots of things to do besides playing baseball. People can take pre-game tours, attend meetings and conference, sponsor parties and even attend a concert before after a game. They can eat hotdogs, drink beer and cheer their heads off when the excitement within the stadium starts to heat up.
As we had already mentioned, the Yankees like to help people and one way that they give back is by helping kids. They have baseball camps for kids which usually operate in the summer time and they even have a Yankee magazine. Kids can even participate in leagues that are designed to showcase their talent.
Here is some interesting statistics about Yankee fans and supporters. Yankee fans tend to outnumber Mets fans by 2 to 1. So there are more Yankee supporters in NYC than Mets sympathizers. Yankee fans are more conservative and they tend to be less often on games than met fans as a whole. Yankee fans drink less than Met fans and many Yankee fans say they do not drink at all.
Yankee fans tend to have higher incomes than Mets fans. At least 28% of Yankee fans make $100,000 a year or more. The Yankee’s have more lower income supporters than the Mets. Yankee fans usually do not own pets and many of them are not married. In the rivalry between the Mets and the Yankees, the Yankees are beating the Mets hands down.
The Mets and Yankees first squared off in 1997 and have played each other a total of 19 times up until 2015. The Yankees beat the Mets a total of 9 times and the Mets won 5 games. The other 6 games ended in a tie. Right now the Yankee’s are clearly the dominate MLB team in New York.
As a matter of fact, some people refer to the Yankee fans (and organization) as uptown, Cadillac, fancy, metro museum and winners. They sometimes regard the Mets and their followers as hot dog on the corner, living out on the street individuals who are not happy in life. These guys have to learn how to tolerate losing but this way of life is not for Yankee fans. That’s a good thing.
Ultimately, Yankee fans are among the most loyal in the league. They love their team and they vigorously support them. They know that the Yankees are winners and that they will be a dominant force baseball for many years into the future. Watch out world, the Yankees are here to stay.