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The 101 On The New York Yankees

Whether you are a Yankee’s fan or a Mets supporter, New York baseball is fun, exciting and entertaining to watch. While both teams are important to the game of baseball, this article will focus primarily on the Yankees what they bring to the game. The New York Yankees were one of the first baseball teams in the nation. This organization has been around for over 100 years. They were established in 1913 and has appeared in over 40 world series. As a matter of fact, the Yankee’s are the number one overall team in terms of World Series Championships. They have a record of 27 wins and 13 loses out of those 40 appearances.
The New York Yankees are a dynasty and the players that have appeared on this team throughout the years are (or were) among the best in the history of this game. Names such as Ricky Henderson, Joe Gordon, Bobby Murcer, Greg Nettles, Goose Gosage, Allie Reynolds, Earle Combs, Jorge Pasada, Andy Pettitte, Reggie Jackson, Alex “A Rod” Rodriguez, Whitey Ford, Derek Jeter, the legendary Yogi Berra, the great Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig and quite arguably the greatest player in the history of the game – Babe Ruth. All of these outstanding players have made a name for themselves playing for the Yankees throughout the history of the franchise.
The Yankees are one of three baseball teams that does not have a mascot. The team never used a mascot throughout its long history. However, they had a mascot named Dandy between 1979 and 1981. Dandy was a bird who was based on the classic American folk song known as “Yankee Doodle Dandy”. He wore a pinstripe Yankee uniform and Yankee’s hat.
He also had a mustache that made him look like a former player named Thurman Munson. He used to be a catcher for the Yankee’s during that era. Dandy was never well received by the Yankee’s management at the time. So, when his lease expired in 1981 it was never renewed. Unfortunately, some people believed (and still do believe) that mascots have no place in the game of baseball.
Yankee fans are among the best in the business. These fans are die hard and loyal to this organization. It is easy for Yankee fans to get excited about their team because they are winners. That’s right the Yankee fans know that their team is going to finish well each and every season.
The Yankees made it the wildcard rounds of the playoffs in 2015 and they ended their season at 87 – 75. Fans appreciate the Yankees because they give them what they want in terms of championships and exceptional pay.
New York Yankee hats and merchandise are not just worn by loyal Yankee supporters within the Big Apple. People who live in other states support the Yankee’s as well. They are also supported outside of the U.S. The Yankee’s are supported in Cuba, Mexico, Canada and even in some parts of Japan.
One of things that make the Yankee’s such a successful team is the strong and talented players that they recruit. The Yankee’s recruit a wide variety of players from all over the U.S. who are at the top of their game. This organization knows how to select the best players because it has been recruiting top notch talent for years.
The Yankee’s also give back to their community. They make it a point to help people who are in need and to help children with some of the issues that they face. Their charitable contributions are well appreciated by many people within the greater New York area and this team really does make it a point to get out and interact with their supporters.
When people go to Yankee stadium they’re going to an entertaining event and not just a game. Yankee stadium is loaded with lots of things to do besides playing baseball. People can take pre-game tours, attend meetings and conference, sponsor parties and even attend a concert before after a game. They can eat hotdogs, drink beer and cheer their heads off when the excitement within the stadium starts to heat up.
As we had already mentioned, the Yankees like to help people and one way that they give back is by helping kids. They have baseball camps for kids which usually operate in the summer time and they even have a Yankee magazine. Kids can even participate in leagues that are designed to showcase their talent.
Here is some interesting statistics about Yankee fans and supporters. Yankee fans tend to outnumber Mets fans by 2 to 1. So there are more Yankee supporters in NYC than Mets sympathizers. Yankee fans are more conservative and they tend to be less often on games than met fans as a whole. Yankee fans drink less than Met fans and many Yankee fans say they do not drink at all.
Yankee fans tend to have higher incomes than Mets fans. At least 28% of Yankee fans make $100,000 a year or more. The Yankee’s have more lower income supporters than the Mets. Yankee fans usually do not own pets and many of them are not married. In the rivalry between the Mets and the Yankees, the Yankees are beating the Mets hands down.
The Mets and Yankees first squared off in 1997 and have played each other a total of 19 times up until 2015. The Yankees beat the Mets a total of 9 times and the Mets won 5 games. The other 6 games ended in a tie. Right now the Yankee’s are clearly the dominate MLB team in New York.
As a matter of fact, some people refer to the Yankee fans (and organization) as uptown, Cadillac, fancy, metro museum and winners. They sometimes regard the Mets and their followers as hot dog on the corner, living out on the street individuals who are not happy in life. These guys have to learn how to tolerate losing but this way of life is not for Yankee fans. That’s a good thing.
Ultimately, Yankee fans are among the most loyal in the league. They love their team and they vigorously support them. They know that the Yankees are winners and that they will be a dominant force baseball for many years into the future. Watch out world, the Yankees are here to stay.