The rising popularity of Baseball & Basketball on European TV

There’s no denying that baseball is huge in America, but it is growing in popularity in other countries too, such as the UK and other European countries – but there is one major issue – televisation. Basketball has been big in Europe for years, with many teams in Greece, Spain and France competing on a serious level. Recreationally, basketball has exploded – with many children, teenagers and adults playing the sport as a hobby amongst friends. According to TrueHoopsMag, who recently reviewed the best basketball shoes for 2017, basketball will be a major sport in the UK by 2020 – given how NFL has risen in fame thanks to their big matches at Wembley.

Baseball’s popularity in the USA means you can sit down in front of your TV and watch the latest matches live, but that isn’t the case worldwide, it is generally US TV stations who show the matches, which means they are not accessible in other countries.

We can of course get around that by paying for services which stream online, watching the matches on a laptop, PC or smartphone, but it can quickly become expensive, and isn’t quite the same as sitting on your sofa watching your large screen TV..

That needn’t be a problem any longer, with an android box you can use the plethora of streaming apps to not only stream live baseball matches, you can also catch up on any you missed by watching on-demand, these TV boxes are fairly inexpensive, and whats more, they don’t require a monthly or yearly subscription, so once you’ve bought the box, you can watch your favourite baseball teams play for free, for life!

There are many retailers which sell Android TV boxes as they rise in popularity, and setting them up is as simple as plugging them in to your TV set, a power socket, and connecting to your internet connection either via wireless (WIFI) or an Ethernet cable.

Once you’re all hooked up, you can access channels from across the world which means, if the baseball is showing on any channel at all, you can watch it – there and then, no messing.

If you happen to be out and miss a match, you can load up your TV box and search for it in one of the apps, you’ll then be able to watch it any time you want, pausing, even stopping, and going back to it later if you wish.

You can also check out the latest baseball news by opening up the browser app on your Android box, no need to load up your PC or laptop.

Of course, you’re not limited to watching baseball, you can watch TV shows, documentaries, the latest movies, and every other sporting event imaginable – why settle for regular TV when you can revolutionise the way you watch TV?

Never miss anything ever again – sound good? It can be a reality. Baseball is spreading across the globe, and these little TV boxes are helping gain traction, with it no longer being only US citizens who get to easily watch their favourite teams play!

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One thought on “The rising popularity of Baseball & Basketball on European TV

  • Noel

    (November 24, 2016 - 4:47 pm)

    Perhaps Americans living in other parts of world finally able to watch but people around the world are not watching baseball. Sports fans around the world are used to fast paced sports , its why basketball has been able to gain traction outside USA. Baseball isn’t growing international ly. Its actually contracting everywhere its isn’t subsidized into the billions , like it has been in the U.S. since the late 1980’s

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